The Tastiest Cucumber Water Recipes

July 27, 2022

The Tastiest Cucumber Water Recipes

Crisp, refreshing, fantastic in salads, and an amazing eye treatment - cucumbers truly have it all! As well as adding taste to our food and helping to soothe our skin, cucumbers can also add zing and freshness to your water. We’ve put together a list of our tastiest cucumber infused water recipes that will help you achieve peak hydration with ease and enjoy maximum taste.

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Basic Cucumber Water Infusion

Take half a washed and sliced cucumber and infuse it in water in a Live Infinitely Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. Don’t keep your infusion going for longer than two hours, or the cucumber may become bitter.

Cucumber and Lemon Infused Water

Add half a sliced lemon and half a sliced cucumber to the water. Infusion takes about two hours.

Cucumber Honeydew and Mint Infused Water

Take half a cup of cut up Honeydew, a handful of mint leaves, and one-third of a sliced cucumber. Leave for between thirty minutes to two hours to infuse.

Cucumber, Thyme, and Lime Infusion

Add one-third of a sliced cucumber, half a lime, and some thyme sprigs to your water. The ideal infusion time is between thirty minutes to two hours.

Cucumber and Orange Infused Water

Use one sliced orange (without the peel), half a sliced lemon, half a sliced cucumber, and a handful of fresh mint leaves. Infuse for about an hour.

How to Choose the Coolest Cucumber

It’s not an easy task to make sure you choose the coolest cucumber in the store. Some grocery stores put wax on their vegetables to help them keep fresher for longer. If you are planning on using a waxed cucumber for your infusions, make sure you wash it thoroughly first! In fact, cucumbers can retain more pesticides than other vegetables, so it’s always a good idea to wash them properly before you use them.

What to look for in a good cucumber? Keep an eye out for a firm cucumber without any soft spots or blemishes. The ideal cucumber should be a healthy green color with no yellow spots. Yellow areas can indicate that the cucumber is past its best point. Avoid any cucumber that has wrinkles. This means that it has lost moisture and is probably not good to eat.

Lastly, give your cucumber a good sniff. Your nose knows! If a cucumber smells bad, it isn’t going to be pleasant to consume.  

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