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About Us

Our Story

Live Infinitely is the company that we started as a young couple who
have a true passion for fitness and the outdoors. We started back in 2014
with the idea of building a business to provide high quality products at
reasonable prices. We love the adventurous lifestyle that we have, so we
wanted to develop a brand that fit this vision and empowered others to do
the same. We combined all of these ideas and developed Live Infinitely.
To us it’s not just a brand, rather a mindset and a company that we are so
proud to be part of.


About Our Products

As the bloodline of what delivers our message, we take the developmental and designing stages of our products very personally. The products we decide to manufacture for the public need to fit the quality levels we would use ourselves or give to family and friends. We have spent hours reevaluating, testing and confirming features about our products to ensure we offer products we can truly stand behind. Listening to our customer’s feedback is something we hold as a top priority so we can enhance our products to fit your needs in the best way possible.

When deciding on the materials our products will be made out of, we look into every consideration. Not only do we want our products to be durable and of high quality, but we also want them to be friendly to our environment. With much lower overhead costs than a larger brand we are able to provide equal to, or better, quality products at a much more reasonable price. This allows everyone from any walk of life access to the quality they deserve.                                                                                                                                                                 

About Our Customer Experience 

Live Infinitely Customer Service
We believe in the value of a genuine experience. Not only do our customers receive high quality products, but you also receive top quality customer service. We personally spend hours on each product before it launches ensuring it has the best information and guides possible. We include personally tested recipes for our infuser water bottles, workout posters for exercises we have proven to be the best for our exercise balls. Every product comes with step-by-step guides and most have instructional videos available. Our customers are never left in the dark after their order is placed. We line our customers up to know exactly how to utilize and get the very most out of your purchase.
These are things that we, ourselves, as consumers have found to be what makes or breaks your shopping experience and we don’t believe in selling a product and moving on. We believe in building relationships with our customers and personalizing your experience. There may be things you’ll have questions about or suggestions you might have, and we pride ourselves in responding to all customers under 24 hours. We know you are busy and have tasks and your lives to go about, that’s why we remove the hassle of shopping online and not ever getting a clear answer for a question you have about a product or a return you might be making. We truly value your time you’ve taken to share our message and explore our products!

About Our Vision

We never stop researching and trying to find ways to improve our company, product lines and the experience that you as a customer receive.
From a company standpoint we take the time to make sure that the final product we will be producing is something that we are excited to put our name on and still is available for an affordable price. This is no easy task and one we will continue taking quite seriously. We choose not to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on marketing just to get a celebrity to use our products. Rather, we invest in our customer to build relationships and allow word of mouth marketing to help us grow. The money we don’t waste goes into better products and better prices for you! 
From a product standpoint we constantly are looking for options to expand what we have available for you. Whether that means increased variation choices in size and color or completely new products all together. We get suggestions almost daily on what our customers want and we listen. Currently, we are developing completely new products for our fitness and outdoor lines to launch a bit later this year as well as new color variations for our popular hammock. Our goal is to continue learning, improving and building our brand to encase everything that you want, all at the highest quality and affordable prices.

Camping HammockFrom a customer experience standpoint we never stop asking, how would I want to be treated if I were placing this order? We both grew up in a small town setting that if you’re not familiar with is very unique. When you buy something from the local store the transaction is not over when you walk out the door, rather it just has begun. The next week when you walk back in the shop you can bet they will ask how your previous purchase is working and answer any questions you still may have. This is exactly what we aim to provide to each and every customer who purchases from us.

We will continue spending hours developing step-by-step guides and instructional videos for every product we sell; supplying the best experience possible. We believe in providing you with absolutely everything you need to achieve your goals and aspirations. We investigated different shipping options to save you money and with our recently released reduced standard shipping we know our efforts were worth it. These are the types of improvements we will continue working diligently to provide. It’s small things like this that we believe make the biggest differences in a quality experience and a brand that we could not be more proud to be part of!