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How do you open the clear plastic top of the 32oz fruit infuser water bottle?
Right above where the push button of the lid is, there is a small metal latch that is a secondary latching mechanism. All you have to do is flip that metal loop down and push the button to release the top. The loop is there so if you toss the bottle is a backpack or gym bag it doesn't accidentally open.

Where do I find the recipe eBook?
It should have been emailed to you when you purchased. If it was missed, you can download the eBook by clicking here: Download Recipe eBook

How many times can you refill without replacing the fruit?
It really depends on what type of fruit you are using. For example, lemons, limes and blueberries and other like fruit would be able to last the entire day. Fruits that are "softer" like raspberries, and peaches would be best if used for 5-6 refills.

Will this fit in a car cup holder?
Yes, it fits in standard car cup holders

Is the bottle BPA free?
Yes, it is made of Eastman Tritan - which is FDA approved, BPA free, dishwasher safe & shatterproof

What's the difference between this and just putting fruit in a regular water bottle?
The infuser rod actually puts the fruit into the water and flavors the entire drink. With just adding fruit to a normal bottle the layer of water where the fruit is laying will be the strongest flavor leaving the bottom level with out any flavor. 

Where do I find the recipe eBook?
It should have been emailed to you when you purchased. If it was missed, you can download the eBook by clicking here: Download Recipe eBook

Do you have to use the fruit infuser rod?
No. Previous to our bottle, there was no option to have a fruit infuser water bottle that is also vacuum insulated. As excited as we were to be the first and only producers of this hybrid, we've designed it so the infuser rod is not necessary if you chose to not use it. It can easily be removed and only used when wanted. 

Does the infuser rod work with both lids?
No, the infuser rod is only compatible with the flip top lid. The insulated wide mouth lid dips into the opening of the bottle not allowing room for the infuser rod.

Can a straw be used with any of the lids?
Yes, the insulated wide mouth lid opens completely up allowing room for a straw and the flip top lid has enough room in the opening to slide a straw through.

Is this hammock easy set up? And does come with everything you need?
Yes, the hammock set includes everything needed to get setup and hammocking under 2 minutes. With the included instructions, how-to videos and included easy adjustable tree straps, you'll be a pro at it your first try!

What is the weight limit of the hammock and the straps?
The hammocks are guaranteed to hold up to 500lbs. The straps are labeled 250lbs each but with the weight distributed between them both, they hold 500lbs together.

Where can I find the how-to videos and instruction manual to download?
A physical copy of the manual is included with each hammock, but you can download a digital copy and check out the how-to videos by clicking here. 

How long are the included tree straps?

The straps are just over 10' long and feature a total of 16 attachment loops.

Does the hammock come with netting to keep bugs out, or some sort of cover?
Bug protection is not included but you can find our bug nets by clicking here.

Can this be used with any hammock?
The net is designed to be universal and can be used with any outdoor camping hammock.

How do you set this up?
We provide an instructional step-by-step video which can be viewed by clicking here.

How big is this net?
They are 11" long and 5" wide

What types of bugs does this net protect you from?
Have you ever heard of noseeums? They are itsy bitsy microscopic bugs that nibble on you without you ever seeing them. Well, these nets keep those little buggers out! So yes, those big spiders and anything else don't stand a chance.

How much does this net weigh?
Weighs in at only 11.95 ounces including the ridge line. Perfect for your backpacking trips!

Where can I find instructional setup information?
Each kit includes a details setup guide, but you can also download a digital version or watch our how-to videos by clicking here.

What is the weight capacity of this kit?
They support 400lbs each, for a total of 800lbs when used together and the weight is distributed between both sides.

Will this kit work for any hammock?
Yes! All your hammock needs is a place to attach the included carabiners if it doesn't already have some.

Does it work on just plain dry wall or do you have to find a beam in the wall?
The kits must be installed into a wall stud or something of substantial structure. Drywall by itself is merely a finishing surface and will not hold the weight safely. Some people use the plugs that go into the drywall and hang a kit from that and we strongly suggest against it!

Can these be safely used for hammock chairs? (Ceiling mounted)
Yes you can definitely use them as ceiling mounts for a hammock chair. The only thing to make sure of is that you are fastening them to something secure like the ceiling joist.

Where can I find the workout guide and videos?
You can download the workout guide and check out our instructional videos by clicking here.

How do I determine which size is right for me?
We provide size charts based on height for you to easily find which is best for you. To reference this chart please click here.

The ball didn't inflate to its published size, is there a defect?
Exercise balls require a 24 hour initial stretching time period and cannot be filled to the published size immediately. The proper way to inflate is by filling the ball up 80% and letting it stretch over night before finishing. To watch our inflation video and learn more please click here.

Do they work for a desk chair replacement?
Studies show that replacing your desk chair with an exercise ball is a great way to increase your health and keep you alert during your work days. The most common size exercise ball to use as a desk chair is 75cm, but please keep in mind that the height of your desk is how you determine which size. Reference, our size chair for more information.

Are the balls BPA and phthalate free?
Yes, they are made of high quality PVC and have been tested to be completely BPA and phthalate free.

Can this ball be deflated and inflated multiple times?
Yes, the ball is designed to be able to inflate/deflate as many times as needed.

Is the ball weighted with sand?

Where can I find the workout guide and instructional videos?
The workout eBook should have been emailed to you immediately after your order, but if it was missed you can download the workout guide and view our videos by clicking here.

How long are these bands, excluding the handles? 
The resistance bands are 48" long

What is the door anchor used for?
The door anchor is with the 11 piece set and it can be used to attach the 48 inch resistance bands to a stationary point. This allows for an increase the variety of workouts that can be accomplished. For example you could do rows, standing chest press and similar workouts.

I can't figure out how to inflate it, is there more help?
Inflatable loungers are an amazing outdoor accessory, but many get frustrated when first learning how to inflate it. Once you get it, it is super simple. We provide an instructional inflation video which can be found here: Click for Inflation Video

Is there something I should NOT be doing when trying to inflate my lounger?
Here are a few things that will cause the lounger to not inflate:
- Do NOT run in circles (this only pushes the air back out and makes you look silly )
- The lounger has two air chambers, do not try to add air to them both at the same time. Keep one closed while filling the other.
- Do not expect the lounger to "look" inflated before you begin rolling it closed. The lounger will look deflated - as long as you have some air in it, it compresses and fills up when you rolls the ends in.

About how long does it stay inflated?
You can expect the lounger to maintain it's shape for over 5 hours (longer than you'll use it in one time period, unless of course you take a long nap)

Do they float?
Yes! This is one of the best parts. Use in the pool, lake or ocean tides for a great time!

How do you keep it from blowing away? Can it be secured with a stake through a loop or something?
On the back of the lounger there is a loop that can be used with a stake to secure to the ground. There is a stake included that can use used to tie a thin rope to that can help secure it. It is best to have the loop facing the wind when the lounger is not in use.

Will this fit anyone of any size?
The bag has adjustable shoulder and chest straps. After small adjustments, we have customers varying from a large man to a small child that have found the perfect fit. 

What is the total volume (not dimensions) of available storage space?
The bag itself can hold about 18L worth of gear and the bladder can hold 2L of water.

What is the weight of the pack?
The backpack with a empty water bladder weighs in at 1lb 6 ounces.

Does this bag have reflectors?
The backpack straps have 2 small reflector strips that run across the shoulder straps. The are about 2 inches wide and .25 inches tall.

Is there a way to connect the mouthpiece to the backpack? 
On the right shoulder strap there is a clip that holds the hose in place as it comes out the backpack. Then on the higher adjustable chest strap there is an open hole where the tubing can be ran through.

Is the bag waterproof?
The bag keeps everything dry in rain but it is not "waterproof" in aspect if you fully submerge it.

Can you use this backpack for running?
Absolutely you sure can. The backpack has a strap that goes across your chest as well as around your waist to keep it from bouncing while running.

Is the bladder BPA free?
The bladders are made from TPU which is BPA Free and is commonly used in the medical field. 

Where do I find the foam roller massage guide eBook?
We provide resources such as a downloadable massage guide and how-to videos which can be found by clicking here.

What is the "spinal channel"?
Every expert knows to not push direct on your spine, so we tested and developed the unique Live Infinitely spinal channel. To cradle your spine while still being able to target your sore muscles!

What is this foam roller made of?
These rollers are made of schedule 40 BPA free ABS plastic core and wrapped it in a custom designed & molded EVA high density foam.

How much weight does this foam roller support?
They have been testing to withstand up to 500lbs without bending or cracking.

What type of massage can I expect?
The outside larger portions of the roller is a larger surface area so it will feel like a softer massage. Overall the roller is a medium density but with the different size massage points you will get a variety of levels.

Is this roller hollow?
The rollers are indeed hollow with a ABS plastic inner core.

Is this set suitable for all levels?
Yes! We designed this set to be comparable to the quality that advance yogis use. It is perfect for anyone at any level.

What is the yoga mat made of?
The mat included is 6’ x 2’ Dual Layered 6mm biodegradable TPE. TPE is 100% made from nontoxic and UV resistant materials.

Is it safe to use for hot yoga?
Absolutely! All the materials are designed for long lasting use, even with hot yoga.

What size are the yoga blocks?
The high density EVA foam blocks are 3”x6”x9” 

Is this set easy to clean?
Yes, all items can be cleaned easily using dish soap or hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

Does "sand free" mean the sand falls through the blanket?
There are many types of sand free blankets on the market. The type of sand free blanket that allows the sand to pass through is thick, rubbery and rough to the skin. Our sand free blanket isn't that. Sand does not fall through, rather is doesn't stick to the material. Your typical beach towel collects sand and is hard to shake off completely. The 210T ripstop nylon that our blankets are made of doesn't allow sand to stick to it, making it extremely easy to brush off and keep sand away. 

How big is this blanket?
It is a whopping  9’x10’ (90 square feet) - large enough for the entire family

Does this blanket heat up in the sun?
No, the 210T Ripstop Nylon is completely heat resistant.

What other purposes would you use this blanket for?
While we call it our "sand free beach blanket" it's actually extremely versitile and is used for music festivals and picnics where food spills aren't a worry with it's easy clean up.

Is it machine washable?
The blankets are fully machine washable. Just use a mild detergent like Gain or Tide and air dry.

Is it waterproof?
Not completely. The water forms beads on its surface and dries almost instantly.

Do you have setup instructional videos?
Yes! Information and how-to videos can be found by clicking here.

How long are these straps?
They are  9’ x 1’’ (eco/ tree-friendly) poly-filament webbed straps with 16 looped attachment points for a total of 32.

How much weight can they hold?
They have been tested to withstand 1500lb MINIMUM breaking strength & a full 500lb safe working load (Per Set) 

How much do they weigh?
Both straps together and carrying bag weigh only 13 ounces

Can they be used with any hammock?
Yes! While we of course suggest our double camping hammock, these can be used with any hammock that has carabiners.

Does the tree size matter?
We designed the straps to be extra long (9' long) so that you can use them with wider trees or thinner trees, whichever is available!