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General Questions 

Q. Where will my order be shipped from?

A. We have partnered with nationwide fulfillment centers so depending on where you are located your items will be shipped from the closest warehouse.

Q. Will all of my items arrive together?

A. Depending on the stock level or each warehouse your items may be shipped from multiple locations to complete the order.

Q. I misplaced a small piece from my order; do you offer individual replacements for stuff like this?

A. Depending on what your item is we generally have individual replacements in stock that we would be able to mail you. Some common item we are able to do this for is, O-rings, Lids, Infuser Rods, Air Plugs, Valve Remover Tools, Air Pumps, and Carabiners. Please email us at support@liveinfinitely.com with the specific replacement you need.

Q. I am part of a non-profit organization and we are interested possibly offering some of your products as prizes at our benefit walk. Do you ever offer any charitable organization prices?

A. That is great to hear and I would love to hear more about your organization. We love to help out with great causes and if you can contact us through email or toll free we can discuss your mission as well as any way we could possibly help out!

Q.I am interested in a large quantity order for my business, do you offer any sort of wholesale discounts?

A. Absolutely, no matter if it’s supporting a local sports team, another small business or just a large family we are always interested in working together for the best prices possible. Just contact us at support@liveinfinitely.com and we would be happy to discuss it with you.

Forever Flex Exercise Balls

Q. I am 5’ 10” what size would you suggest for me?

A. Well with exercise balls there is no hard fast numbers to go off of. The required size varies with not only your height but your proportions as well. For example if you have rather long legs you may require a slightly larger ball than someone 5’ 10” with short legs and a longer upper body. You can see on the product page a suggested height guide. Size can also depend of the use as well. For example, if you’re using it at a computer desk you need to know your desk height before selecting a size.

Q. My exercise ball appears to be smaller than the size I ordered?

A. Our balls are made from extremely strong and durable PVC, which MUST be allowed to stretch before final inflation. Fill the ball to about 80% of its size, allow a 24 hour stretch period, then finish inflating to your chosen size. You can also watch our instructional inflation video for tips and tricks on the inflation process.

Q. Can I use an air compressor to inflate my ball?

A. You sure can but I would just like to point out a few things first though. Even if you use an air compressor the 80% initial fill and 24 Hr stretch period still are required to allow to ball to expand before fully inflating.

Q. I have some lower back problems and am going through physical therapy on my shoulder would you be able to offer any personalized suggestions of exercises that may help me?

I am sorry to hear that and we would be delighted to help. It’s one of the most rewarding things for us to do. If you can contact us through email or our toll free number above we would be happy to offer some personalized suggestions for exercises and get you some great informational links to explain a few additional ideas.

Q. I deleted the email with the workout guides by accident can you send them to me again?

A. We would be glad to and don’t forget you can always visit www.liveinfinitely.com/foreverflex for these guides as well as the most recent workout videos and workout plans.

Q. I lost my air pump but don’t want to buy another ball just to get a new one, do you sell these separately?

A. We keep extra stock just for this reason and would be glad to get a new one sent out. We only charge for the shipping on replacement pumps so please contact us at support@liveinfinitely.com so we can get a new one out to you!

Q. I love the ball and run a small fitness center with a few hundred clients, do you offer any sort of bulk order pricing because I am interested in upgrading our current exercise balls?

I am so glad you’re enjoying it and we do offer bulk discounts on an order per order basis. Please email us at support@liveinfinitely.com or call our toll free number and we would be happy to discuss working with you and your fitness center! 

Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel

Q. Can I wash my cooling towel in my washer?

A. Absolutely, all of our cooling towels are machine washable, we suggest washing before use with similar colors. Do Not dry and Do Not use bleach with these products as this could ruin the towel.

Q. Does the towel get hard when not in use?

A. The cooling towels are a PVA chamois material and do get stiff when not wet. You can simply soak in water, ring out and you have a soft supple cooling towel again.

Q. Where should I store my cooling towel?

A. We suggest keeping it in the included anti bacterial container which helps increase the life of your towel.

Q. I would like to purchase a large amount of these for a high school team; do you offer any discounts for team purchases?

A. Absolutely we would love supporting high school sports teams, please email us at support@liveinfinitely.com to discuss our team price brackets.

Q. The cooling towel has a rubbery odor when I first opened it, is that normal?

A. This “new towel” smell is normal and it is just because the material it is made from. It a synthetic based compound and it will go away once you wash it for the first time. If you continue to experience it or have any questions on the PVA material please email us and we can get you taken care of.

Forever Fused Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

Q. Do you offer just replacement lids for your water bottles?

A. We try to keep an extra stock incase anything would happen so depending our your model and color we normally would have a replacement lid in stock that we could send out please email us to specific stock level at support@liveinfinitely.com

Q. My bottom fruit infuser water bottle started leaking from the bottom seal after about 2 months of use is this normal?

A. The two most common reasons this happens have to do with the bottom O-ring placement of the bottle. First please check to make sure the bottom O-ring is still installed. It can fall out in the dishwasher sometimes and not be noticed until it’s leaking. Second, please make sure there is nothing blocking the O-ring from sealing correctly. Sometimes a fruit seed, piece of plastic or other debris falls into the bottom canal and will not allow the bottle to seal. If neither of these fix your issues please email us at support@liveinfinitely.com and we can get you a replacement product out right away.

Q. Is my infusion water bottle dishwasher safe?

A. Sure is, we don’t like washing our dishes by hand so this was an important feature to us when we designed the bottle. Please use the Top Rack or low temperature setting on the bottom rack (if you have the new and fancy dishwasher!)

Q. How long will my fruit last to continue infusing with?

A. This depends of the fruit, ripeness and style of use. If the fruit is not left in the sun and kept cold it will last you all day. Certain fruits like raspberries tend to last for shorter times than compared to something like lemons. Just remember if you would not eat it you should not use it to infuse your water.

Q. Can I eat my fruit after I am done infusing my water with it?

A. It is actually probably my favorite part of these water bottles. Not only can you make delicious water but also you constantly have a snack in your hand. Bon Appétit!

Q. Can these bottles be used for tea infuser?

A. Depending on what kind of tea your making it may not be your best choice of bottles. These are not intended for boiling liquid and the infuser holes are likely too large for loose-leaf teas. They work well to travel with or for iced teas, sorry if they won’t work for what you were looking for. 

Camping Hammocks and Hammock Accessories

Q. I see your camping hammock is a double hammock but my husband and I would like to use is with our toddler as well; will it hold us all?

A. I am not sure what the total weight of your family would be but the hammocks have been tested to support 450 LBS. and the tree straps 400 LBS. The indoor hammock hanging kit you purchased will support over 800 LBS so as long as you’re below those weights you won’t have any problems at all!

Q. Do all of your hammocks include the same hammock tree straps or do I have to purchase those separate?

A. All of our camping hammocks come with tree straps included in the price so there is no need to purchase additional ones. We do sell tree straps separately as well, they are the same style included with our hammocks, which are universal and will work with any hammock.

Q. I got my hammock dirty camping this weekend, how do you suggest cleaning it?

A. All of our hammocks can be washed in a standard washing machine. Please remove the metal carabiners, and wash on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent and cold water. DO NOT tumble dry. Hang the hammock fully opened up to allow air-drying.

Q. Can I use the hammock hanging kit on my patio?

A. Absolutely you can! All of the kits have durable finishes that are durable enough to be used indoors or outdoors.

Q. Can I use the hammock hanging kits to fasten to concrete block walls?

A. The anchor points will be able to be used on any surface put please note that you will have to use different bolts. The included bolts are for wood studs ONLY. With different bolts you can attach to metal, block or any other surface you can think of.

Q. Do the tree straps have their own carrying bag?

A. Sure thing, every set of hammock straps even the ones that come with our hammocks include a nylon carrying and storage bag.

Q. I want to use this hammock to hang in my son’s bedroom. Is it comfortable and safe to be used as a bed?

A. Well first my childhood seems way less cool now and absolutely! It has actually medically been tested and proven there are considerable benefits of sleeping in a hammock. Many non-Western regions still use hammocks more frequently than beds because research has shown back and spinal benefits. I am sure he would love it! Just make sure to attach the anchor points into the wall studs like the direction card shows and it will more than be able to support him.

Q. How high should my hammock be from the ground?

A. For increased safety and ease of getting in and out we suggest the lowest point to be about 18” off the ground.

Online Affiliate Marketing Program

Q. I run an online eStore and would be interested in linking to your products from my page, do you allow any sort of marketing links?

A. Congratulations on your own business and depending on the exact situation we may be interested in working together. Please contact us or visit our marketing page at the bottom for more information.