5 Simple Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Hair, Skin & Nails

March 10, 2020

5 Simple Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Hair, Skin & Nails

Your health shows in your hair, skin, and nails. If you stay up late, don’t hydrate, and skip exercise and veggies, then you will find yourself looking frazzled. The good news is that it doesn’t take a big budget to look healthy and vibrant.

All you need to do is look after these five simple steps to improve your health and wellness. Your health will show in your hair, skin, and nails. If you stick to a healthy regimen, you will get an energized, sleek look to your body.

The hair, skin, and nails are all part of the same health category. These are the things that wear down when we don’t hydrate, stress out too much, and don’t get enough collagen. For glossy hair, skin and nails, take note of the following simple tips.


Hydration is all about getting more water into your system. There are a few major ways to hydrate. One is to drink more water in the morning specifically. Another major way to get water into your body is to eat more raw veggies, like coleslaw or veggies and dip.

Leafy greens are important for this, but so is celery, cabbage, and carrot. If you can eat them raw, do! If you can’t try roasting them in olive oil or putting them in soup.

You don’t have to just stick to raw veggies, although they will do the most for your hydration. You can also eat more soft-cooked foods like beans or soup.

While there’s nothing wrong with healthy snacks, even “health” crackers or a lot of bread and steak can dehydrate you. Just remember to balance it out with extra veggies for the sake of not dehydrating later.

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Eat an Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Anti-inflammatory diets will do wonders for your skin, but they actually promote gut health as well. Anti-inflammatory foods include tomatoes, blueberries, turmeric, ginger, beans, avocados, whole grains, chia seeds, strawberries, garlic, green tea, dark chocolate, olive oil, apples, oily fish, sweet potatoes, cherries, and more.

You can get a full list of these foods from your doctor or nutritionist. There’s quite a lot of them, and they are all delicious. Some of them take more cooking than others, but a lot of these foods you can eat raw.


However you de-stress, stick to it! Many people rely on meditation or yoga to de-stress. But some people play beach volleyball, watch vintage movies, golf, or have any number of a handful of hobbies.

The important thing is that de-stressing becomes a regular thing for you. Relaxing is easier when you’re healthy, but if you need help relaxing, see a specialist. Even if you’re otherwise healthy, sometimes people need a little help during difficult seasons to relax all the way.

Everyone can also benefit from massage, no matter their health level. But it’s a great treatment for hypertension and chronic stress.

You can create healthy rhythms by consistently going to bed on time and even make time for power naps if you need them. Some people swear by morning workouts for stress management and a good night’s sleep.

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Supplementing with Collagen

Collagen is good for creating that shiny look you see on celebrities. You can take your collagen in a lot of ways. Get a doctor’s recommendation on how much and what kind you should take for the best results.

Collagen studies show that it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and support bone and joint health. Healthy joints are essential for staying active and keeping the body healthy.

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Support Your Detoxification Pathways

Every body detoxifies via the body’s natural pathways. These are mainly the liver, kidneys, bowels, pores, lymph nodes, and mouth. Essentially, you want to moderate your alcohol and chemical (such as the kind found in energy drinks) intake to create a clean ecosystem in your body.

The less work you give your detoxification pathways, the better off they will be! Regular exercise and sleep is essential for all of these pathways to function properly.


You don’t need a large budget to take on these five steps to great hair, skin, and nails. Everyone can do a lot with raw food and plenty of water. 


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