Why Buy From Us

We Provide the Best Online Customer Experience Possible!

Live Infinitely is the next generation of online shopping. Our customer-based ideology has defined us amongst our competitors. We have many repeat customers returning simply because of the customer support they receive. Our lasting reputation for going above and beyond to satisfy our customers has been the biggest contribution to our growth. We develop products that we truly can stand behind and if a customer runs into a problem or question it's our top priority to solve it. Rest assured knowing that you will be completely thrilled with not only your quality products, but also your complete shopping experience!

A Few Reasons Why You Should Buy From Us

  • Our products are strategically placed in warehouses nationwide. This means that you will be receiving your products from a location near you. Say goodbye to frustrating and slow shipping!
  • Professionally designed quality products
  • Lowest online prices available 
  • Reliable, professional and knowledgeable support staff
  • Safe and Secure Ordering
  • Personalized shopping experience with added bonuses for each product to set you up for success
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Safe and reliable products tested not only for you, but for our environment as well
  • Countless satisfied customers. Our genuine care for our customer experience and desire to produce the highest quality of products has led our customers to continually come back for more!
  • We respond to your questions, suggestions or concerns within 24 hours ALWAYS!
Live Infinitely began when a young couple from small hometowns decided to take their passion for fitness and the outdoors and share it with others. We are not some big corporation where customers become numbers stored in a filing cabinet. We recognize names, look forward to emails and get excited when we see our products selling in new states. The research put into developing the best products has come from our own experiences and the quality we would want ourselves, in our favorite exercise and outdoor gear. Each of our products have been given dedicated hours of strategic designing and testing. We don’t settle for just "okay". The feedback and suggestions we receive from our customers is always taken very seriously and growth is never ending. When buying from Live Infinitely you not only experience the relief of receiving a quality product that will not need replacing but you also eliminate the frustrations of purchasing online. Needless to say, our reputation for quality and our care for customers have given others the desire to come back for more. We must be doing something right!