Self Care During the Holidays

December 18, 2020

Self Care During the Holidays

Christmas - the most wonderful time of the year! That's how the song goes right? And it's so true.

The holidays are a time to gather and be joyful and have fun, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. The busy event schedule, travel, and shopping can have us rushing around.

Healthy diets go out the window and we lose sleep. In reality, this season often leads to burnout for a lot of people. But it doesn’t have to be that way!!

This year, we made you a few tips to help make sure you’re not putting yourself on the back burner.You have to take care of yourself to be ready to give to others.


  • Do things in moderation

It's so important to know yourself and your limitations. Don’t go into debt trying to show people how much you love them! Also, a ton of yummy snack come with Christmas, focus on your goals and eat in moderation too.


  • Give up your expectations of perfection

You might be the person who strings up all the lights and blows up all the inflatables, but it's okay if you're not. Some people have the time to bake 400 cookies, most people don’t.
Don’t compare yourself to others, do what you have the time and energy for and know that its enough! Sometimes traditions fall through and things don’t happen the way we plan. Rather than being disappointed, be proud of what you can do!


  • Take a time out

Do at least one thing a day to get away from holiday prep. Take that time to unplug and focus on you! Have a cup of hot chocolate without multi-tasking. Take a bath. Find a reason to laugh, make notes in your gratitude journal. And most importantly spend time with those you love.


  • Commit to Growth 

Be excited for the new year ahead! Reflect on this years wins and losses in order to set new goals and make sure you’re taking steps towards them. We all have the capacity to grow. Get ready to develop your self confidence, reduce stress, and expand your abilities!


The most important thing to do during the holidays is slow down and enjoy them! If you’re feeling overwhelmed take a step back and take care of you first ❤

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