Marci Barker Healthy Eating Challenge


This is perfect for you if - You need to improve your eating in small increments, be educated on how to do so, and be held accountable to making changes that make sense for your goals. 

Duration - 4 Weeks long. You'll always start on a Monday and the next challenge is starting this Monday

  1. This is our most popular challenge for a reason. It gets results because it's in depth but very simple to follow.
  2. Everyday, you'll be expected to track your progress through an organized form in your account once it's set up. The following day you'll receive personalized feedback from one of us trainers regarding what you need help with. 
  3. It is completely possible to lose weight during this challenge even though that's not the main focus. You will see progress in ways you didn't expect because of the simple but significant healthy habits taught.
  4. You won't find a more supportive Facebook (FB) group to lean on while you're learning to improve and progress. This FB group is only for current clients so it's full of motivation and support from people who are making significant changes like you! 

    Deal Breaker - This challenge is not for you if you know everything about food already because you're an expert and eat perfectly balanced meals according to your goals. ; )