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Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel

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• Super Absorbent PVA material provides 20+ degree cooling effect!
• Large size for increased efficiency – 31.5 x 13 inches
• Lasts for 3+ hours before wetting again!
• Includes an Anti-Bacterial carrying case
• Unlike cloth towels, these keep your skin & clothes dry!
• Simple to use - simply wet the towel, ring away excess water and your set!
• 70% greater absorbency than your standard cotton towel
• Reusable & Machine Washable
• Provides UPF 45 sunscreen protection
• Extremely versatile with tons of uses
• PVA is lint free and 100% Non Toxic
• 1 Year Unlimited Warranty

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FREE Shipping For All USA Orders!

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Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel

Heat is a tremendous enemy for so many different things! Ever been to Florida on a July day where the temperature is passed 100 and it’s only 9am? Or just tuckered out before you were able to finish that last set in the gym? Well a simple cooling towel can work wonders for you in these situations.

How a cooling towel works is by first wetting the towel and allowing the material to absorb some water. After you ring away any excess water the PVA material will allow the water to slowly evaporate producing a cooling effect on your skin. This can provide up to a 20 Degree chilling effect without getting your clothes or skin wet and can last for 3+ hours at a time! Once you’re ready to use again, simply wet and ring away excess water.

These towel are extremely versatile and have hundreds of great uses! Due to their absorbent nature, 70% greater than cloth towels, they make for great camping or swimming towels.

Why settle for anything less than what you deserve? Pick your favorite color above before adding it to your cart and get ready to cool down any situation that you want!

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    Forever Cool Instant Cooling Towel

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