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17" Foam Roller For Muscle Recovery

$ 25.90 $ 36.99

• 17"x 5" Gym Bag Friendly Size 
Industries First Spinal Channel For A True Zero Pressure Experience
• Custom High Density EVA Foam Surface
• Durable BPA Free Schedule 40 ABS Plastic Inner Core
• Dual Pressure Zones For A Tailored Massage Experience 
• Capable Of Supporting 500Lbs Consistently With Out Cracking

• Includes Access To A Digital Massage eBook & Videos
• Unlimited 1 Year Warranty!

Healthy Eating Challenge included! All fitness products ordered on our website come with the 30 Day Healthy Eating Challenge by Marci Barker Fitness, giving you all the tools you need to reach your health goals!

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FREE Shipping For All USA Orders!

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17" Foam Roller For Muscle Recovery

Did you know that 85% of adults will have mild to sever back pain?

How about the fact that 70% of that was directly a result of how that person was treating their body?

Take care of your muscles , health and fitness and your body will reward you!

How can a foam roller help with this you may ask? Well it is quite simple, sore muscles and knots are merely lactic acid build ups that need broken down and expelled. A simple 15 minutes massage routine pre or post physical activity can be the difference on how your entire week is going to go!

So what separates Live Infinitely’s Foam Roller from the competition?

Industries Only Recessed Spinal Channel - Everyone knows to not push directly on your spine, so why does every other foam roller do exactly it, well don’t worry we fixed it! Zero spine pressure!

Raised finger tip pressure points on both sides of the channel- The most common area for muscle soreness is right along both sides of your spine. So, we specially raised our roller to target this zone.

17”x5” Larger Size - Most rollers on the market are 13"x5" over even smaller. In pictures they may look good, but they don’t function. We again fixed this

Only Quality Materials - We used a schedule 40 ABS plastic inner core and a high density EVA foam outside to assure this roller will exceed your expectations for years!

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Jacob W

It's Great!

I have used this almost everyday to ease the soreness after a work out. It is awesome!

Sarah C

Great for after a workout!

Lately I've been going to the gym and doing strength building workouts using weights and I have become so sore. The foam roller has been so great to help stretch out my muscles and give me some relief. The product is so sturdy and strong and the grooves in the foam make it more comfortable to use on the back. I definitely recommend this product if you experience sore muscles.

Adrian M.

Excellent for plantar fasciitis relief

Having used this foam roller for about a month now after Shad sent it to me, I have to say it's the best thing I've found for plantar fasciitis relief. I got back into serious running in late May after some time off, but I soon developed dreaded plantar fasciitis on my left foot. After taking three weeks off, I then began to use every technique I could find for plantar fasciitis relief short of an injection or operation. I used stretching, night bracing, foot compression (including during a run), specialized heel cups specifically for fasciitis relief (very helpful while walking around the house--as are arch supports), Kinesio tape, and a decent arch support during running. I also used various foot exercises and massage techniques. In addition to manual massage, I used a frozen water bottle (early on), a rolling pin, a massage stick, a golf ball, a tennis ball, a lacrosse ball, and a spiky red ball. None of these techniques, however, provided the relief of Live Infinitely's foam roller. I first tried the roller after a run, when the fasciitis came on and was at its most painful. Skipping my usual post-run calf and plantar stretches, I went straight to the foam roller, rolling my foot over the knurls near the center first, then on the side portion. On the side portion, I could feel the edges of the deep gaps working my foot, and it felt totally awesome--I'm talking relief. In short I came to the foam roller with a high degree of plantar fasciitis pain but came away with the pain mitigated to the point of it not being a factor until after my next run. For comparison I attempted a plantar roll with my Trigger Point GRID foam roller, but it was no comparison. Although I still use the GRID for my other muscle groups, it was much too soft for plantar fasciitis purposes. Live Infinitely's roller really hit the sweet spot. Now here it is a month later, and my plantar fasciitis is a thing of the past. I no longer need arch supports, even with my minimal-support racing flats, and the only time I use my Live Infinitely roller is to PREVENT plantar fasciitis from returning. I'm not necessarily suggesting a cause-and-effect correlation here because my plantar fasciitis was already on the wane upon receiving Live Infinitely's foam roller. But I would not be surprised if the roller had something to do with hastening my complete recovery, and what I can say for sure is that it never failed to provide immediate and virtually complete relief after a brief rolling session. I'm most grateful for this product.

Delina Sorrels

Must Have!

I coach tumbling and competitive cheerleading. I do a lot of heavy spotting for the kids. Even when we are stunting, I'll do some work and step in to teach better. My shoulders and knees take a beating. I also drive 1 1/2 hrs to work and home. It has been so nice having a foam roller when I get home. I am stiff and knee to work it out so that I can sleep. If I don't, I wake up in the middle of the night because of my shoulders. The best roll out is after I have my yoga class. I'm all stretched out and then use the roller. It helps so much with my shoulder. You have no idea. If you have never used a foam roller, I highly recommend it. Before I injured my knee, I was running 3-4 times a week. I borrowed a foam roller from a friend because she said it was the best thing for after runs! YES, it is! It does take some getting use to. You are rolling on a roller that has bumps and dips on it and at first, it doesn't feel that great or that it's working. Keep at it, it is working and you are working that deep tissue! Working my legs really helps my knees! Working my whole back helps with the neck and shoulders. It's awesome!

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