You are already good enough ♥

July 17, 2020

You are already good enough ♥

That's me 👆 Heading to my first day of first grade. Rocking those tight ringlet curls and FULL of confidence.

Remember the days when we had no cares in the world...
we looked at the world with a child-like curiosity.

Ready to take on the world,
our goals set high without any fear of losing??

And then adulthood hits. And somewhere along the road our confidence dwindles, we stop looking at things so innocently & we quickly become our biggest self critics.

Well, I'm here to tell you, it's ok. We all do it.

But this is a reminder that you're good enough.

Everyone else (especially social media) tells you that you are not good enough.
They say that you need to lose weight. You need to buy new clothes. You need to look like "this."

I disagree.

You don't need to do anything.

You are not perfect, but you are good enough.

And if you can't believe that, then at least know that you are good enough to start.
We all compare ourselves to others.

We all worry that other people have advantages that we do not have.

But the truth is that YOU have advantages that no one else has, too.
Your unique perspective, your struggles, and your experiences are your greatest opportunity.

Since all of that is your greatest advantage, then you are already good enough.

Your way doesn't need to look like anyone else's.

Make one person happy: you. Then, you have a shot at making other people happy, too.

The world needs you at your best.

All of this is why we started Live Infinitely. One day I realized just how out of tune I was with my inner child & that devastated me.

Life is supposed to be lived without limits & to believe that your potential is infinite (hence the name Live Infinitely).

So today I just wanted to remind you.

YOU are good enough to go after what you want most in life.
Bring back your inner child & take the spotlight.

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