Women's History Month - Celebrating Fran Justice!

March 24, 2022

Women's History Month - Celebrating Fran Justice!

Women’s History Month is a celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture and society. We thought we would take this time to celebrate the amazing women of our 60 Day Hydration Challenge! 

Today we want to introduce you to Fran Justice! She has been rocking the challenge since 2020! 

What is an accomplishment you're proud of?

An accomplishment I have made is eating healthier than I was. I found Live Infinitely during covid and fell in love with the water bottles and now the supplements.  It is so important to exercise and eat healthy.  I am a member of weight watchers but had gotten off track and you helped me to get back focused again and set my priorities right again as we  only get one body so we need to treat it right. 

Why did you join the hydration challenge and have you made any personal breakthroughs from it? 

I joined the hydration challenge because it inspires me to get my water in and helps me to drink more water than I was.  I may not quite be making my goal but I'm on my way and it is certainly more than I was drinking and now prefer water over bottled drinks.  My breakthrough would be realizing how good water is for you and even weight watchers wants us drinking at least 60 Oz a day.

Who in your life inspires you the most? 

My biggest inspiration would be my family as they are always encouraging me.  My most important inspiration would be my mom who is now 94. If I can live as long as she has without too many health problems then I would have done as much as I can and she still encourages me each and everyday.




Our next 60 Day Hydration Challenge is starting soon! Register below if you'd like to join us! ↓

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