What happens when you drink water first thing in the morning?

August 24, 2021

What happens when you drink water first thing in the morning?

We are just crazy about water here at Live Infinitely, but even we find it hard to resist a cup of strong coffee first thing in the morning. You would be amazed at the health benefits of chugging down a few glasses of good old H2O as you wait for your coffee to brew though.

Not enough water can deepen pours and cause wrinkles so you might wake up looking 10 years older than you actually are! Drinking water as soon as you wake up means your body can release toxins faster. It also promotes better blood flow. That means your skin will look better. And it’s not just your skin that will see the benefits. Water makes up 25% human hair. The more you drink, the more luscious your hair will be.

Drinking more water in the morning also helps weight loss. Filling your stomach with water will flush out toxins and makes you feel less hungry. If you add some citrus fruits to the mix, you’ll see noticeable fat reduction in a few weeks as the citric acid cuts through fat.

If you suffer from heartburn and indigestion, you would be wise to reach for water in the morning. Overnight, acidity brews up in the stomach. Drinking water flushes out the stomach. This not only helps with indigestion, but balances the lymphatic system and has an overall positive impact on the immune system. Keep the citrus fruits out of the water if you suffer from heartburn though, but you can still enjoy a more interesting flavor such as root ginger, cherries or mango.

We recommend drinking at least three glasses first thing in the morning. Then, if upping that amount as time progresses.

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