The Vast Difference in Feeling Beautiful & Looking Beautiful

January 02, 2020

The Vast Difference in Feeling Beautiful & Looking Beautiful

Throughout most of my adolescence, I was collecting two things: compliments & a sinking level of self-esteem. I would lie in bed, not understanding why the correlation fell short.

You'd think compliments = good self-esteem. But this just simply isn't always the case.

Because the truth is... there is a vast difference in looking beautiful & feeling beautiful. This realization has humbled me beyond belief & provided me a sense of power that no cosmetic aisle could ever provide. 

True beauty comes from within. Yes, it's cliche. And yes, it's oversaid. But if you really let that sink in - like really let that sink in... liberation is yours. 

You see, I was never a girly girl. I grew up playing sports, wearing ponytails & hanging out at the basketball courts with the guys. And being a foot taller than all the boys in school didn't really help with the whole "feeling pretty department".

But here's the thing, there were times I DID feel absolutely beautiful & confident. It's taken me years to understand those moments & what causes it. Because it definitely wasn't the times I was all dolled up & looked beautiful. Rather, it's the time I felt beautiful. 

Once I examined these differences, I've figured out what causes me to feel my most beautiful. 

1. When I am moving my body

After playing sports, taking a run or spending time at the gym. My hair is a mess, I'm rocking a bare, makeup-less face and my scent isn't all too pleasant, to say the least. But boy, do I feel on top of the world. 

I am putting myself first. I am telling myself that my body is important enough to love and take care of. 

There's something powerful about the sweat you see dripping down your face when looking in a mirror after moving your body.

2. When I stand up for myself

This is something I struggled with my whole life. Taking a stand for yourself is no easy task. I worried about being offensive, sounding rude or just straight up not feeling "worthy" enough. 

I remember the first time I said "no" and really meant it. I felt powerful. I felt confident. And quickly I realized, I felt REAL. 

And, catering to that side of me — the very real side of me — makes me feel more honest. And, honesty is so dang beautiful.

3. When I am nourishing my body

This one almost goes without saying. Food = life. And when I am giving my body good food, I definitely feel the difference. 

Similarly to the way I feel after a good workout, giving my body the nutrition it needs makes me feel like I am loving my body and telling myself it's important enough to take care of. 

I don't believe in after guilt when indulging in a sweet treat. However, if I focus on making my overall lifestyle full of healthy choices, then I not only feel good on the inside - my skin, my energy, my hair, etc. looks good on the outside.

Over the years, I've found that I feel the most beautiful when I am putting my body and emotional needs first. 

And what's fascinating is that a new study has discovered a link between your mind and skin. Scientists are finding out that when you're feeling your best, you are also likely to have your best-looking skin.

So as overrated as it sounds... beauty really does come from within. 

There’s a direct correlation between inner beauty and outer beauty – the way you view yourself is the way others view you, too. When you’re feeling happy, relaxed, and turned on by life, you radiate that energy—and everyone can see it.

So what is it? What makes YOU feel the most beautiful? 

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