The Benefits of Infused Water

July 08, 2022

The Benefits of Infused Water

Are you having trouble staying hydrated?

Fruit infused water is a great solution to your hydration worries! It’s loads of fun and has amazing benefits for your health!

If you want to get started making your own infused water, grab a Live Infinitely 32oz Time Marked Infuser and Insulation Sleeve. These water bottles are built specifically for infusions and can help you to keep track of how much water you are consuming throughout the day. 

Before you get started, though, let’s ramp up that motivation and take a closer look at the main benefits of infused water with fruit!


The Benefits of Infused Water with Fruit


Staying properly hydrated is hugely important for your health and well-being! We can often become dehydrated without realizing it. Being properly hydrated helps to:

  • keep your mind focused
  • regulate your body temperature
  • keep your joints lubricated
  • improve your sleep quality
  • stop headaches
  • increase your energy levels
  • cleanse your body
  • improve muscle performance

Having a supply of delicious fruit infused water by your side will help you to hit your hydration goals!


One of the main benefits of drinking water infused with fruit is its great taste! You can infuse your water with all kinds of fruit, herbs, and vegetables to make it more exciting and give it awesome amounts of flavor.

Don’t reach for a can of soda next time you’re thirsty. Replace those unhealthy drinks that are full of sugar with fruit infused water instead.

Best of all, having fresh, great tasting water will make it easy for you to boost your daily intake of H2O.


It’s not always easy to eat the right amount of fruit or vegetables. Fruit infused water gives you vitamins and nutrients your body needs.

  • Cucumber, lime, and lemon can help with weight management, enhance your digestive processes, keeps hunger cravings at bay, and stops stomach bloating. Blend lemons, mint leaves, and cucumber for a delicious detox drink!
  • Strawberries and kiwis are great for heart health, support your immune system, and help keep your blood sugar levels down
  • Fresh berries are full of antioxidants and help to lower cholesterol levels.
  • Adding lemon and oranges to your water can give you a big boost of Vitamin C, which helps to keep your skin supple and healthy.

Plus, all these vitamins and minerals make drinking infused water a fast and easy way to flush out toxins from your system. It’s a detox program in a bottle!


Did you know that drinking more water can help you lose weight? That’s right! Increasing your overall water intake can actually speed up your metabolism. This helps your body to burn calories at a faster pace.

Drinking water also helps you to lose weight by:

  • stimulating your metabolism
  • replenishing fluids during exercise
  • helping your body get rid of waste
  • reducing feelings of stress and fatigue

If you are struggling with your weight, try upping your water intake!


Are you having trouble curbing hunger pains? Drinking a full glass of water before a meal can help you to feel fuller for longer after eating. It’s an easy way to stop those urges to snack between meals!


Once you are all set up with your amazing Live Infinitely water bottle you’ll be ready to make your own thirst-quenching, health-giving water infusions. Check out our blog post How to Make Infused Water for inspiration, guidance, and tasty recipes! 


Frequently Asked Questions:

How Long Should Water Be Infused?

This depends on the ingredients you use and how strong you want your water to taste. As a general rule, water should be infused for 1-2 hours at room temperature, and up to 3-4 hours in a refrigerator. The longer the infusion time, the stronger the taste.

All ingredients should be removed from the bottle within a day, if water is not refrigerated. If it is refrigerated, the water can be kept up to three days. This will stop them from spoiling and giving your water a bitter taste. 

Can I Drink Infused Water Every Day?

Yes, you can. In fact, you really should! There is no problem at all in drinking infused water on a daily basis.Changing up the ingredients you use can ensure that you are getting a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.


When is the best time to start infusing your water? Right now! Why wait? Feel free to share with your friends and let us know what you all think in the comments!

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