Power of Numbers

October 18, 2021

Power of Numbers

When taking on a new challenge, changing your lifestyle, doing something to improve yourself, the old adage of safety in numbers can help. Tackling a new challenge as part of a group, online or in person, maximizes your chances of succeeding, while giving you the chance to connect with other like-minded people on the same journey.

Joining our 60 day challenge is about more than taking control of your hydration and health. It’s about being part of a group, finding your tribe and connecting with other people who have the same goals, drawing on the strength of many to help you achieve your goals.



The most obvious benefit is that of accountability. There will be days where tackling the obstacles seems too much. Whether it’s a work out, a new habit, or a lifestyle change like our 60 day challenge, there will be days where life gets in the way. There will be times when your energy and motivation is low. Being part of a group helps keep you accountable to your goals and your challenges.


Collective support

The support that comes from other people trying to achieve the same thing is a powerful motivator. There will be days when you will fail at your goal. But it is just one day. When tackling a challenge by yourself, that one day of failure can impact the rest of your week, and your motivation can take a serious hit. As part of a group, you have other people around you to help pick you up and encourage you, to help you wash that one day away and not let it grow into a larger obstacle.


Pushing limits

If it was easy then everyone would be doing it. It would come easier. And that is why things are called challenges. Pushing your limits, finding the energy and motivation to tackle the obstacle in front of you, becomes easier when doing it as a group. When everybody contributes their own motivation, the group drive, or shared motivation, can power you through days when you’re feeling less strong than usual.


Shared knowledge

Being part of a group or community also helps you overcome obstacles through shared knowledge. You are in it together, all trying to achieve a shared goal. Drawing on the wisdom of other people who are going through the same challenges and obstacles strengthens your own resolve. And when you have the chance to give back into that same group with your experiences, and help someone else push through their individual obstacle, you benefit too.

Joining other people with the same goals connects you with other likeminded people, bringing even more benefits. Sign up to our 60 day challenge today and connect with other aqua-addicts! 

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