Morning Routine

December 06, 2021

Morning Routine

Every day is an opportunity. Every morning shapes how you take that opportunity.

Not everyone is a morning person. For those who are, having a regular routine can be a key part of making the most of the day. But even for those who aren’t, having a strong morning routine can bring more focus and energy to take advantage of the morning.

The benefits of a strong routine carry over from physical health and mental heath, to just bringing a more relaxed mood to the day. Making space for a regular routine allows you to ready yourself and reduce stress. Knowing what you are going to do as soon as you get out of bed leaves you free to slide into the new day, prepare yourself in your own way, before you worry about the outside world. Or grabbing an apple for breakfast on the way out the door while still trying to dry your hair.

Key points to a strong routine start the night before. It’s highly recommended to aim to go to bed around the same time each night, to keep your sleep schedule regular so you can wake up fresh, or fresh enough, for the next day.

Exercise is an essential part of the morning. But not everyone is ready for a 5 mile jog so early in the day. Yoga stretches, tai chi moves, or a small body weight workout before breakfast helps your body shake off sleep, kick start your metabolism. This can be incorporated with some meditation or mindfulness exercises to really make the most of the early morning.

Drinking water early in the morning helps the body on several levels. A glass or two first thing in the morning not only helps your body recover from a, hopefully, solid 8 hours of no fluids, but it can spark your beauty routine and weight loss goals at the same time. More can be read about in our earlier blog here

A solid breakfast doesn’t have to be a full cooked breakfast. But knowing what you will eat, even if it’s down to two options, helps take the worry out of getting ready. Fruit and cereal, oatmeal or muesli, covers many of the important food groups to give you a foundation for the rest of the day.

Other elements of your usual morning routine such as brushing your teeth and showering might seem like the dull part of the mornings. Small changes can made a difference. Trying a new aromatherapeutic body wash can revitalize and invigorate you for the rest of the morning. As well as help lift your mood.

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