Is Staying in Your Comfort Taking Over Your Life?

May 12, 2020

Is Staying in Your Comfort Taking Over Your Life?

It’s killing you slowly. And it’s often untraceable.

It’s your comfort zone — and stepping outside of it is key to discovering your passion, accomplishing your goals, and finding happiness.

But it’s not so bad, right? I mean, you’re comfortable, so you must be happy?

If only it worked out that way. Unfortunately, the longer you stay within your comfort zone, the less happy you tend to be.

But that's not to say that being in your comfort zone is necessarily a bad thing all the time. Feeling safe and unchallenged at times can be beneficial. Need to unwind? Sure. Need some simple
metime occasionally? Go for it. Not ready to pitch that amazing idea to your boss? Take some time to relax in the safety of your comfort zone.

But red flags should pop up when you choose to live in your comfort zone instead of visiting it to re-energize yourself. The keyword being VISIT.

Staying in your comfort zone can create a life plateau that begins to kill your ambitions and individual growth. Traveling along that plateau, you will eventually end at a cliff where you take the ultimate plunge of giving up your personal goals.

Your dreams are now. Do not be scared to go after them. You must crawl out of the rut of complacency and live your life to the fullest.

Here are a few signs that your comfort zone has taken over your life:

1) Growth Has Come to Screeching Halt

When you stop experiencing personal growth, it is a good sign that being content is impeding the development of yourself as a complete person. You have been waiting your turn. Now is the time to take it and be adventurous. Discover what you are capable of in your lifetime. The experiences you have in your journey through life create your identity. They are what define you. You need to leave your comfort zone to continue growing. And just remember, you do not have to stay outside your comfort zone. You can visit it anytime.

2) Trying New Things is No Longer on Your Radar

Staying in your comfort zone is easier than failure. Therefore, trying new things has left your realm of comfort and safety. It is when you try new things that you find the excitement of life. Learn new things. Meet new people. When you invite the unfamiliar into your world, you can be your best self you are capable of being.

3) You Choose to Settle

Do not fall off the complacency cliff! You have been in your comfort zone so long that you believe you no longer deserve to fly high and reach for your goals. You do not have to settle. Trust yourself. Create your own safety outside your comfort zone and celebrate small victories. Make smart and healthy choices to keep yourself climbing to the top. It is ok to take breaks along the way. You do not have to accomplish everything, and you may find that your goals change as you gain more experience.

4) Your Self-Confidence is Low

Maybe you were once an ambitious person, but now you cannot see yourself doing anything beyond your normal routine. Maybe you are scared to disrupt an already good thing. This is a sign that your comfort zone has taken over your life. Break out of it to gain confidence. You deserve to believe in yourself.

It is OK to Fail

Being afraid to fail is common. But, you can look at failing as a chance to learn from your mistakes. Keep trying. Keep in mind that the uncomfortable feeling of failure is not permanent. And, if you are experiencing that feeling, good for you. It shows you at least tried. Keep trying so you can also feel the emotional relief of succeeding after you tried so hard.

Remember, your comfort zone is a wonderful place to visit. But the time you spend living outside your comfort zone will define you as a person. Make yourself happy and take those chances to shine.

3 steps to beat your comfort zone

Try these 3 basic steps for developing the strength to step outside of your comfort zone –habitually:

  1. Make a procrastination list: Make a list of tasks you’ve been procrastinating on. Making a doctor’s appointment, mopping the floor, or asking someone a question. Anything, however small, you’ve been putting off for a few weeks or more.
  2. Do one (or more) of the smallest items on your list: If you’re afraid of calling someone and telling them how you feel, take one of the smallest tasks on your procrastination list that you’ve been putting off for the past couple weeks and do it immediately. It could even be something as simple as mopping the floor — just so long as it’s something you’ve resisted doing for some time (a sign it’s outside of your comfort zone). No, seriously, stop reading and go do it now. I’ll wait.
  3. Keep taking steps: By doing that simple task, and stepping outside your comfort zone ever so slightly, you gain the energy and confidence necessary to take a bigger step forward and step further outside of your comfort zone. Once you’ve done this, pick another item on your list. Do this until you feel confident enough to finally talk to that person (or whatever that thing is for you).

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be built up like a muscle – the more you do it, the easier it becomes (becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable).

Keep taking these small steps and, with time, you’ll make stepping outside of your comfort zone a habit. This is the goal.

7 Responses

Debbie Podwika
Debbie Podwika

June 18, 2021

I actually use my desktop Post Its “Stickies.” I put my routine things on there first. Sometimes I ask myself did I take my medication? Or if I get in a funk and I’m just playing games too much or FB scrolling, I can go back to it and say ok, time to get these things done. Then I put my specific things for that day on it. Sure there are some things that get carried over to the next day or two but that is ok, as long as I get to it. At the end of the week I save everything in Publisher. It comes in handy that I can go back later and look when I called someone or see a pattern of how long I have been in pain or not doing something. Oh & I just put a " – Done" next to each when I complete it and that is gratifying at the end of the day.

Now, as far as getting out of my comfort zone, I think doing NEW things is good but with the Pandemic that has been kinda hard. I started a Sustainability Book Club about 4 yrs ago and that certainly was one thing that push me a bit. Then when the Pandemic hit I had to do it on Zoom so that pushed a bit more. My mom passed away in Feb and man has that just THROWN me out of my comfort zone. It is so hard, I feel more alone now and that is something I am struggling with. I have pushed myself to start with a new Qi Gong teacher and that is making me learn. Last 4 weeks now I’m really pushing my wellness, because I know it is the only thing that will get me better and it influences everything. Hopefully soon as we open up more and I get more well, I can try some new things.

This was a very good post!

Mary Brown
Mary Brown

June 04, 2021

I do stand back when it comes to confidence in my comfort zones, and have been thrown into the same situation multiple times during the past two years. I tend to grin and bare it, smile with calm perseverance and try to maintain peace within. It seems once the task is accomplished, the fear dissipates and I’m always thankful I took the plunge, hung in and all ends well.


April 06, 2021

I really needed to read this. There are a few things I want to try and a person I really need to talk to, buy I’ve been holding back. I’ve already put my ideas and thoughts in my journal. So now it’s time to make it a reality.


April 06, 2021

I’m pretty confident in knowing that I can step out of my comfort zone. I did this just recently talking with a friend. It’s something I knew that I had to do when the time presented itself. But Thanks for the extra Boost of confidence. I’m feeling pretty good about myself and stepping out of that “zone”.

Tracy Williams
Tracy Williams

April 06, 2021

Hello everyone my name is Tracy and I am new to the group. Already on my third day and I have met my 65 oz each day

Zandra Rayford
Zandra Rayford

March 08, 2021

Hello new to challenge can you please tell me how to introduce myself to the group and upload my picture


November 16, 2020

Really hit home. I have fallen into my comfort zone without realizing it. I’m on quarantine now good time for some soul searching

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