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How to Fight Procrastination

September 06, 2022

How to Fight Procrastination

Today is the day to talk about overcoming - September 6th is Fight Procrastination Day! Procrastination is a habit we all have faced, but it is possible to challenge and overcome it. We’ve compiled some helpful tips to encourage you to overcome your procrastination. You’ve got this! 

The 3 Steps to Completing a Project

The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out why. It can be helpful to understand exactly why you’ve been procrastinating so you can combat it with rational thought! Maybe its fear (of doing something you don’t enjoy or the size of the task). Combat this with the knowledge that fear is natural but you can manage your project into smaller tasks! 

That is step two, break the task down into smaller steps. This is key and will make any task much easier. Be sure to reward yourself for completing these steps! 

Step 3 is to eliminate distractions. Put down the phone, go in another room, really make yourself focus for at least five minutes. Once you’ve committed 5 productive minutes you’re on track to getting the steps of your project done! Its all uphill from there. 

Other Helpful Hints

Another key idea is to work on things earlier. Then you’re able to finish earlier and have higher quality work. You’re also able to take more breaks if you’re a person that needs them. Remember, just because you start working on something doesn’t mean you have to finish in the same sitting. (Unless you put it off until the last minute!) 

Productivity is a habit! Once you tackle a few projects in a timely manner, it will be more of a habit and you’ll be used to the feeling and timing of success. The biggest tip we have for you is to recognize how valuable your time really is. Once you do this you’ll be ready to live bigger and bolder. Our time is so precious and life moves so quickly. Don’t waste a second! Just tell yourself “I have to do this. Why not just get it done and over with so I can ____.” Will power is everything! You’ve got this Warrior! 

Productivity is also a healthy balance between not being too hard on yourself while still challenging yourself to overcome objections. Give yourself a break when you need one (this is possible if you start the task earlier! But be sure you time your break and commit to getting back on track.) 


We hope this helps! Comment ways you stay on track below! 

2 Responses

Claudia Yost
Claudia Yost

September 12, 2022

I want to do better.

Jennifer Whaley
Jennifer Whaley

September 12, 2022

Thanks or the steps to break my procrastinating. I seem to do this alot or I use to. But I always start doing things alot earlier now like 8:00am, I take my breaks when needed but very seldom. Bc I want to always get the tasks done so I will be finished for the day.

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