How To Drink More Water (Even When You Don't Like It)!

June 13, 2022

How To Drink More Water (Even When You Don't Like It)!

Water is essential for our bodies. It helps our digestive systems, regulates our temperatures, is great for our skin, and keeps our muscles and joints lubricated. But it’s not always easy to maintain your hydration game. Keep reading to learn how to drink more water (even when you don't like it)!


1. Get A Water Bottle You LOVE!

The very first thing you should do if you are concerned about your water intake is to get a water bottle you love! Having an exciting, fashionable, and sturdy bottle that you can have close by at all times will encourage you to maintain optimum hydration.

Check out the awesome range of fun and motivational water bottles at the Live Infinitely website! Our water bottles come in a range of bright colors and are ideal for kids and adults.

2. Understand Your Body’s Need for Water

The human body requires a certain amount of water each day. Having an idea of just how much water you really need can help you maintain good hydration levels. As a rough guide, men need about 200 ounces of water a day and women require 90 ounces a day. Kids from 9 – 12 should be drinking a minimum of 50 ounces a day. Teenagers should drink at least 60 ounces of water every day. These amounts can increase depending on the temperature and your levels of physical activity.

Use the chart to determine how much water YOUR body needs throughout the day to stay properly hydrated.

3. Give Yourself a Daily Hydration Goal

Humans are naturally competitive, and you can harness your innate desire to win by setting yourself a daily hydration goal. Our sports bottles have time-marked water lines that make it simple for you to stay on track with your hydration goals. You can also join the Live Infinitely Water Warriors group on Facebook or register for the Live Infinitely 60 Day Hydration Challenge and get all the support and encouragement you need from an awesome community of hydration heroes!

4. Set Yourself Hydration Reminders

By the time your body tells you that you are thirsty, it is more than likely that you are actually dehydrated! A good way to make sure you drink enough water throughout the day is to set yourself hydration reminders. You can even download an app onto your phone to remind you to stay hydrated.

Check out Live Infinitely motivational water bottles that have time tracking markers that let you see at a glance how much water you need to add or drink for the day.

5. Make Water Part of Your Wake-Up Routine

Habits are hard to break, so make sure that you create good ones! Incorporate drinking a full glass of water first thing in the morning as part of your daily routine. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this morning hydration ritual can become a soothing, healthful habit.

6. Always Hydrate Before Meals

You can keep up your H2O intake just by making sure you always drink water before meals. Just by drinking water before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can easily increase your overall daily consumption by 25oz or more! You can even up your game and drink water before you eat snacks, or while you are waiting for your food to cook.

7. Make Your Water Yummy

For many people, the thought of having to constantly drink plain water makes staying hydrated seem like a real chore. You can add excitement and taste by infusing your water with fruits, herbs, or vegetables. Infusions are easy to do, delicious, and super healthy!

Read our blog posts Benefits of Infused Water and How to Make Infused Water to get started. You can also get yourself a fantastic Live Infinitely fruit infuser water bottle that will make it simple to create tasty, healthful infusions!

8. Switch Out Your Drinks

Want a really good way to up your water intake? Try being more mindful of the other fluids you consume and switch them out for water when you can. Reaching for a soda? Try grabbing your Live Infinitely water bottle instead! Out for a night on the town? Go one-for-one with water for every alcoholic drink you consume.

9. Make Sure You Always Have Water Nearby

One of the best ways to ensure proper hydration is to make sure you always have a water source close at hand. With our Universal Water Bottle Carriers, you can take your Life Infinitely water bottle with you to work, to school, while you’re on a run or at the gym, or when you are out shopping!

10. Eat Water-Rich Foods

Maintaining good daily hydration levels doesn’t have to mean constant fluid consumption. Eating foods that have a high water content can also help you to stay hydrated. Ingredients like watermelon, zucchini, cucumbers, and grapefruit are all over 90 percent water.

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