How Fruit Infused Water Helps More Than Your Thirst

September 08, 2021

How Fruit Infused Water Helps More Than Your Thirst

At Live Infinitely we might be a little hydro mad. But even we understand that just drinking plain water to stay hydrated can be a chore. Fruit infused water mixes it up. Infusing water with your favorite fruit makes staying hydrated a treat. The increased flavor makes you more inclined to drink the right amount. It can also cut down on your cravings for fruit juice which are often so heavily sugared. It’s a tasty and hydrated solution all round.

Infusing water with fruit helps more than the taste. Your regular hydration schedule can balance your electrolyte intake and aid your metabolism. Electrolytes from the fruit are dispersed through the water. An electrolyte imbalance can bring on symptoms including fatigue and muscle weakness. Balanced electrolyte intake helps your body promote nerve and muscle function, maintain brain health, and support your heart health. A balanced electrolyte level is also important in regulating your fluid balanced. It’s easy to see why leading sports drinks all promote electrolytes. Drinking your daily recommended with a fruit infusion makes balancing your electrolytes a background worry.

Nutrients within the fruit seeps into the water, delivering you a healthier refresher with each sip. Depending on the type of fruit you choose to infuse with, you can boost your intake of Vitamin C, B12, B6, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, and folic acid. That’s a lot of nutritious boost to your usual glass of water! All of this means your body benefits from more than just hydration.

The most common fruits bring their own twist. Adding lemons aids digestion, soothing any tummy pains and keeping your body running smoothly. Infusing with strawberries delivers more antioxidants to your body. Mint is high in Vitamin A and Potassium which helps your body maintain nerve and muscle function, along with metabolizing carbohydrates. Cucumbers delivers these along with vitamin C, iron and calcium. Adding ginger to your water infusion gives your immune system a boost – perfect for a changing season.

Infusing your water with your favorite fruits using the infused water bottle makes staying hydrated almost too easy. If there was a cheat’s way to completing our 60-day challenge, this might be it.

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Jack Liebenow
Jack Liebenow

March 03, 2022

Love this bottle. So tasty when you put your favorite fruit or veggies in the center. Get hydrated with a flavor 😋

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