How Blanche Used Her Vision Board to Crush Her Goals

March 25, 2021

How Blanche Used Her Vision Board to Crush Her Goals

Meet Blanche, an inspiring and powerful woman that hit her water intake goal 58/60 days AND walked 228 miles during our last 60 DayHydration Challenge! 👏
During the 60 day challenge, we do mini weekly challenges every week.
Hear what Blanche has to say about the week we made vision boards and gratitude week! 👇 (her vision board is AWESOME!)

Video Transcript ↓

Hi Water Warriors! Wow, it's been 60 days!

What am I most proud of, in these 60 days? Number one... Is that I did it!!

I drank 70 ounces of water for (58) days... Okay, I missed 2 days... but hey I hung in there!

The second accomplishment was my vision board...

My vision was, to continue to exercise. By doing walking challenges through our local parks & rec. I have walked over 228 miles in these past 60 days!

I drank my 60 ounces of water except for 2 days! And I've been eating very healthy meals!

The next thing that I'm really really excited about was the gratitude week. I was honored because there are so many good Water Warriors out there crushing your goals...

But I actually won the Goal Crusher for the Gratitude Week! Again, I made a video... Which I'm not always good at, but I made a video of walking with my friends. And how I'm grateful for my husband and my children.

Just so many things in my life to be grateful for!

And I just am excited about moving on from my first 60 Day Challenge to the next 60 Day Challenge!

I know I can do it!

And next time I'm going to do all 60 days, not (58)!


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Our Next 60 Day Hydration Challenge is Starting Soon! 
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3 Responses

Terri Rollerson
Terri Rollerson

March 03, 2022

I am suppose to drink 10 of my glass water bottles of water a day according to the charts. How do i get all 10 bottles of water drank

Ms., Demetree Robinson
Ms., Demetree Robinson

April 06, 2021

Thank you for sharing your Vision Board and the goals that you accomplished. You have inspired me to join a challenge in a few months. I’m already into drinking water but I’m not able to walk every day (due to our weathers conditions in Washington state) so I might alternate with my indoor upright exercise bike.
Much success on your next challenge. :)

Ms. Demetree Robinson

Marcia Evans
Marcia Evans

April 06, 2021

So happy for you, Blanche! It feels good to have an accomplishment to better your health! So proud of you! Let’s continue this journey! 😊❤️

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