Five Benefits of Fruit Infused Water

April 27, 2020

Five Benefits of Fruit Infused Water

Here at Live Infinitely, we've been BIG fans of fruit infused water for years!


Well because fruit infused water is not only fun, but it also has great health benefits.
Something else that is pretty wonderful is that it’s easy to make your own!

That’s right. With the right container (like a beautiful Live Infinitely bottle), and some ingredients, you can either follow a recipe or you can get creative, experiment and come up with some of your own delicious combinations!

Five Health Benefits of Drinking Fruit Infused Water

  1. Hydration - Obviously, we all know it is so important to stay hydrated. You want to aim to drink at least half your body weight in ounces. And if you struggle to get enough water in each day, fruit-infused water is like your new "hack" to giving your water a boost of flavor!

  2. Natural Vitamins -Adding fruit to your water allows you to ingest good vitamins and nutrients. Do you know that combining cucumber, lime, and lemon helps with water weight management, bloating, appetite control, and digestion? If you choose to add strawberries and kiwis to your water you will be helping with cardiovascular health, immune system protection, and blood sugar regulation.

  3. Appetite Control - Drinking water also helps with appetite control. If you are trying to lose weight a good trick is to drink a full glass of water before sitting down for a meal.

  4. Tastes Good - Another bonus of fruit infused water is that it adds flavor. If you struggle to drink water adding fruit is a quick and easy way to make it fun!

  5. Improves Skin - Do you know that infused water can improve your skin? That’s right! Just by adding lemon to your water you are not only getting some great beauty benefits, but you are also getting a healthy dose of vitamin C, and regulating your pH level.

Some fun combinations!

While you can search online and find plenty of fun recipes, here are a few easy combinations to get you started!

  • Orange and Ginger

  • Cucumber and Mint

  • Apple and Cinnamon

  • Blackberry and Orange

  • Turmeric and Lemon

  • Strawberry and Kiwi

  • Cucumber, Lemon, Lime

Why make your own?

So why don't you just got a buy some pre-bottled fruit infused water?

There are a couple of reasons. One, you have to be careful to steer away from those unhealthy artificial flavorings and sweeteners, which many pre-packed flavored waters have. Two, it's bad for the environment. Do you know that it can take more than 450 years for plastic bottles to degrade?

So, making your own is a great way to protect the planet and stay healthy.

It can sometimes be difficult to be consistent in drinking the recommended amount of water each day. Adding fruit to your water can just make it that much more fun, and it’s also GOOD for you. The best part? If you are struggling to switch from fruit juices and soda, this will allow you to enjoy a sweet taste while avoiding artificial flavors or sweeteners!

Fruit infused water is a great way to make drinking water more interesting, especially as you get creative and see what fun combinations you can come up with.

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