Fall Water Recipes

October 25, 2021

Fall Water Recipes

Infusing your water with fruit flavors is a neat trick to break up water monotony with tasty variants. The change in season gives you a chance to try new flavors.

Now that the summer months are gone, the days are getting shorter, and there are different fruits in season. There are different cravings all around us.

We’re not about to throw handfuls of pumpkin spice into our daily hydration routines, but these Fall Water Recipes can keep the spirit of this time of year while keeping your water intake up.



Simply adding a stick of cinnamon to your water can give you a twist to ward off cravings and keep your hydration goals on track. It’s also a great way to keep the vibe of the changing seasons around you. For an extra twist, sliced pears compliment the cinnamon perfectly. 


Rosemary with green apple

One of our favorites for an afternoon treat. The sliced apple and rosemary isn’t just a great flavor combination – it also helps with digestion. Whether you’ve over indulged or not, this makes a great snack to sip on around the holidays.



These juicy little red seeds are complimented by so many other ingredients that we couldn’t pick just one. With lime or orange, you get a boost of vitamin C along with a fresh hydration kick. Adding a cinnamon stick with orange and pomegranate seeds almost feels like cheating on your hydration goals – it’s a great brunch drink.


Vanilla bean

Simple slice a vanilla bean length wise and infuse your water. The rewarding flavor twist fits in perfectly with woolen cardigans and thick scarves, while watching the changing of the leaves.


Citrus with cilantro

Lemon and lime are classic water infusing ingredients. They’re go to staples for their freshness and vitamins. Adding a stick of cilantro brings a spice and freshness that could be nothing else.


Apple pie

That’s right, aquatic apple pie is on the menu. No baking necessary. Infuse your water with slices of apple, a stick of cinnamon and a vanilla bean. It’s a snack in itself that will also help keep away the cravings.


Join our 60 day challenge and see how hydration can change your life. Connect with the community and swap more Fall water infusion ideas.

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