Fall is the new New Year's Resolution

November 01, 2021

Fall is the new New Year's Resolution


New Year's is the traditional time for making fitness and lifestyle goals. But these plans so often crash and burn. Fall is fast becoming a time when people adopt lifestyle changes and fitness goals and see them through.

Although the seasons are changing, the weather in fall is much more suited to beginning running, cycling or walking. The light is still there and the warmth still lingers. It’s much easier to go out for your walk or run than in the colder months. By the time winter rolls around, you have pushed through the difficult early stages of changing your habits. The new activity is part of your every day or weekly routine and you’re already committed. This way you’re much more likely to keep carrying this change through darker and colder winter months.

Adopting a new lifestyle habit or activity now also means that you will be more likely to find ways to adapt when the weather does get gloomy. Having already found success in running in fall, you might be more inclined to regularly go to the gym when it’s too cold to jog around the park. Or finding a class like boxing, pilates, or even salsa dancing will be a natural next step to reward yourself for the work you’ve done now. Experiencing the success of achieving a goal now will be an incentive to reward yourself in the new year to keep your change going.

Another way to keep lifestyle changes going and make them more permanent is through the power of community. Sharing your goals with others on the same path is an excellent way to gain strength from numbers and stay committed. Join our 60 day challenge to connect with other likeminded Water Warriors, people wanting to change their life through hydration.


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