Dehydration and what it does to your body

December 13, 2021

Dehydration and what it does to your body

We hear all the time that we’re not drinking enough water. But what happens when we’re dehydrated? There’s a huge amount of water that makes up our body and that impacts your health. Your hair is 25% water and dehydration can halt hair growth and cause it to be weaker. In your bones if you’re feeling aches and pains it may be due to dehydration as water is key to helping your bones stay strong and lubricate your joints. Your skin contains 64% water and can contribute to dry, splotchy or aging if you’re not drinking enough water. Importantly your brain needs hydration in order to help with concentration, balancing moods, improved sleep and better memory.

Not only may we be dehydrated but we may also be chronically dehydrated without knowing it! When your body is consistently lacking in essential fluids it will struggle to carry out its normal functions. The Mayo Clinic describes it as “dehydration occurs when you use or lose more fluid than you take in”. If you are constantly dehydrated your body will become used to this and lose sensitivity to water deprivation. This means you won’t feel as thirsty and might not even notice that you’re dehydrated. You may be chronically dehydrated if you suffer from mood swings, muscle cramps, body aches, weight gain, dry skin and headaches among other symptoms.

So how can you battle dehydration? With the help of one of our Live Infinitely bottles you can make drinking water fun and delicious with our infusers. Simply add some of your favourite fruit or vegetables to the infuser and fill with water. There are endless possibilities to add flavour to your water from classic, zesty lemon to refreshing mango and mint. Drinking naturally flavoured water can make drinking water exciting and nutritious with a variety of vitamins and minerals being infused depending on your choice of fruit or vegetables. Take a look at our beautiful range of bottles today to start your flavour journey and say goodbye to dehydration.

Find out more about the 60 Day Hydration Challenge and take on Autumn full of energy as you fall in love with water.

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