10 Simple Ways to Take Your Collagen Powder

February 18, 2021

10 Simple Ways to Take Your Collagen Powder

There are so many reasons to add collagen to your diet! Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and is responsible for the elasticity of our skin, bone & joint strength, gut health, the strength of our nails & hair and soo much more!

It's often referred to as the "glue that holds us together". Our bodies naturally produce it, but starting around our mid-twenties, our natural production starts to decline (hence the signs of aging). So by adding collagen to your diet, it can help restore the collagen in your body and reverse/slow down the aging process.

One of the coolest things about our collagen (and there’s a lot) is that it's one of the only brands that has all 9 essential amino acids.

Collagen mixes best in warm liquids. The gelatinous properties make the collagen powder "sticky" until it dissolves after about a minute. It does dissolve best in warm liquids but there are so many other ways to take it.


The best part about our collagen is that its completely flavorless so there’s endless ways to take it, here are my 10 favorites!


1. Add it to your favorite soup!

Chicken noodle, potato, tomato, French onion - the possibilities are endless! It's super easy to mix in and completely flavorless.


2. Coffee

This is my personal favorite, I add a scoop to my coffee each morning then add creamer!


3. Tea 

So delicious, especially in these cold months. Just add a scoop to your favorite tea and you’re good to go!


4. Hot Chocolate 

Its so easy to mix in and go!


5. Oatmeal 

On our Instagram page you can find my go-to recipe for oatmeal, add in the collagen after cooking, stir and you’re ready to eat!


6. Smoothies

Add to your favorite smoothie recipes! The blender will mix it right up :) Try our favorite smoothie recipe here!




7. Protein Powder Shakes 

You can mix in your collagen with your favorite protein powders for a 2 in one drink!


8. Bakes!

Add a scoop of collagen to your favorite bakes! Pancake mix, muffin mix, or try our chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe found here! Some people add it to their eggs, again the possibilities are pretty endless.


9. Juice 

You can add it to any of your favorite juices (OJ, apple juice, grape juice) just remember it will take a bit more mixing. If you’re mixing in a cup and the liquid isn’t hot enough, some clumping can occur (this is completely normal, remember that collagen is a sticky protein) so you can either smush it to the side of the cup with a spoon and stir or use a frother :) The clump will be gone in 20-30 seconds.


10. Water

If you’re in a rush and just want it in plain water, some people heat up the water, mix in the collagen, then add ice to cool it back down :) This makes the collagen easy to mix and of course its flavorless in the water.


I hope this gave you a few ideas on new ways to take your collagen! And please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions <3

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July 08, 2021

How much do you put in your juice or water?

Jacquie Gouveia
Jacquie Gouveia

June 06, 2021

I have not used my Collagen yet because I have been waiting until I use up a lg. container of protein powder. Should I be using the collagen and protein powder together, along with the ACV capsules?

Robin Verburg
Robin Verburg

March 01, 2021

How much can you have in a day?. Which is better the powder or the pills?

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