Great band set
    "Great for warming up before heavy weights or any full body stand alone workout!"
    Worked perfect
      "We did an overnight Kayak trip and the hammock was great. The material was sturdy and did not feel cheaply made. Love your gear!"
      Aaron Whitley
        "Worked awesome no worry of bugs. Took a little while to get the hammock through but It did well once we where done setting it up."
        Aaron Whitley
        Water stays cold for 2 days
          "I love it!!! Water stays cold for two days. "
          Love it!
            "This bottle is great! I love coming up with new fruit infusion combos! And the water marks remind you to drink more water. "
            Carissa W.
            Great value product
              "It’s been excellent. I’ve had several injuries and have used resistance bands in my rehabilitation, but the rubber degrades after a while making them useless. I wanted something I could use long term. This comes in a zip bag so you could take them to the gym, or just keep them tidy at home. The quality of the tubing, handles and connectors is good and they seem very sturdy. Overall very good value for money. "
              Alison D.
              Hammock rain fly
                "Haven’t used in rain yet but works well with blocking the sun ."
                Robert R.
                  "Very good quality, has a lot of pockets, and very helpful!"
                  Great Product
                    "Easy to use. No leaks! Life friendly. "
                    Vicki C.
                    30 Ounce Bottle
                      "I actually bought four of them! We love having the multiple tops to choose from also. Keeps drinks ice cold! Love! "
                      Heather F.
                      Professional Grade Anti-Burst Exercise Bal
                        "It was delivered promptly. With the included pump, it is very easy to be inflated. The quality looks good, but we just use it for not more than 2 weeks. Hope it will last for a while. "
                        Shu-Chen Y.
                        Awesome bottle
                          "I absolutely love this water bottle. This is the first water bottle out of many that I have bought that's had actually kept my drink cold. I will definitely be buying one for each of my kids. Also the shipping was very fast."
                          Yoga set💜
                            "Love it! I ordered this on Friday and got it today!!! Ordering was easy and great customer service!!! They contacted me immediately to let me know they were out of the blue. They told me the new ship date /gave me a list of other colors available and offered me a refund if I didn't want to wait. I chose purple. It's a beautiful shade! The quality is awesome!!!😁 I would recommend it to anyone and already told family about this site! The price is great too! I had priced these at Dicks and Academy and just the blocks wld be between $12-15 each and the strap $15-20! I'm so happy I found this site! I received a great product with a sweet logo! And cut out the middle man🤣 I will purchase from your site again.. I've already found other products I want! 🙏 Namaste' Andrea"
                            Andrea Brewer
                            Great straw
                              "You get 2 straws, the lid, and a straw cleaner. This is my favorite option for on the go and no mess. You cannot use this attachment with the fruit Infuser. I love all the different caps for this water bottle and this just makes it so much better. Highly recommended!"
                              Love this idea
                                "I love that there are a ton of different caps that you can use. I’ve never had an insulated water bottle with a fruit infuser either, and I really like that. My only complaint is that the navy water bottle does not look like the same color as in this picture. The navy water bottle is regular navy, howbwe the photo almost makes it look like it has some pearl or steel in it. But besides the color, this water bottle is great and I plan on ordering another! "
                                Best water bottle product yet!
                                  "I’ve had my first one for about a year and absolutely loved it so much I’ve bought my friends one. I would recommend this to anyone. Great product and great customer service!"
                                  Stephany W.
                                  Wonderful Water Bottle!
                                    "I purchased this on a whim and love it! I have done so much better about getting my liquids because it is so easy to carry around and sip out of. Plus with being insulated your drink stays hot on the cold days and cold on the hot days which makes it a joy to use!"
                                    Vanessa A.
                                    Love my water bottle with the straw lid
                                      "I absolutely love my new water bottle! It keeps my water nice and cold. I have lots of these water bottles! Several of each size. The straw lid puts it over the top. So convenient to flip the lid and sip the cold delicious tasting water. I am a big fan of the Live Infinitley company, customer service and their products."
                                      LaNette Y.
                                      Multi Collagen Protein Powder Type I, II, II, V & X
                                        "I LOVE this product!! After 3 weeks of using it my nails are growing, hair is so shiny, my energy is great, and it has helped with muscle recovery after weight training! I will never go without it! "
                                        Kayci M.
                                        Awesome way to relax
                                          "I've got a friend that's a hammock slut, she set me on this company and I've bought far too much, but have loved everything so far! I was finally able to use my own hammock on a vacation and loved it! Super easy to setup, love that everything fits inside it's own compact bag, durable and two person tested. Can't wait to use it more once the snow decides to go away."
                                          Lettie P.
                                          Awesome Beach Blanket
                                            "Finally got to use my beach blanket and it was fantastic! So great to throw it down and put everything on it. Tons of room for the two of us. Awesome to shake it off and roll it up back in the compact bag without any sand! If you go to the beach this is a much have. This will go with me on every beach vacation and lake day, plus I'll probably find more uses for it. (Sorry the pictures are sideways)"
                                            Lettie P.
                                            Quick and easy
                                              "I needed to replace my lid on my water bottle so I sent an email, which was immediately answered. Order my lid and in less than three days I was back in my water regime! I love the product and the customer service even more! "
                                              Tami B.
                                              Love this bottle
                                                "I use it every day with fruit and veggies. My husband even made me buy one for him. Love, love, love it "
                                                Gina W.
                                                Exercise Ball
                                                  "Very easy to inflate. Arrived exactly as described."
                                                  Harriet M.
                                                    "Got these stickers for our truck and water bottles couldn’t be happier great quality and fast delivery "
                                                    David M.
                                                    32 ounce fruit infuser water bottle
                                                      "I love it. I take it everywhere especially with lemon water. "
                                                      Eleanor S.
                                                      LOVE IT!!!!!!!
                                                        "It's exactly what i was looking for! The quality is outstanding and the color (teal) is very vibrant. I will definitely be purchasing more products from this company. "
                                                        I'm obsessed!
                                                          "The bottle is perfect! I love the size, the features, the color. I love how pretty it is. Definitely going to order more as gifts for my family. "
                                                          Latesha M.
                                                            "Great experience so far. Mixes well, no after taste like other brands I’ve tried, and the ingredients are spot on!"
                                                            Ashley D.
                                                            Spot on
                                                              "This thing is awesome!! I love the looks and everything that comes with it. It looks great with wooden stickers!"
                                                              Tucker W.