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32 oz. Infuser Water Bottle & Reusable Gel Freezer Ball

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  • 32oz GEL Freezer Ball Infuser Water Bottle made from Shatterproof Eastman Tritan

  • Reusable GEL Freezer Ball that attaches to the Infuser Rod to keep your drink cold for hours longer than Ice!

  • Auto Alignment Lid Conveniently Centers Every Time When Tightened
  • Large Wide Mouth Infuser Rod for delicious flavored COLD water!

  •  Flip Top Lid with quick thumb release & secondary latch

  •  Convenient Carrying Loop built into the lid

  • Larger Textured Dual Anit-Slip Hand Grips

  •  Completely BPA Free, FDA Approved & Dishwasher Safe!

  •  Removable Infuser Rod & Freezer Ball so you can use these in your favorite water pitcher for large quantity water infusion

  •  Includes access to a digital 20 recipe eBook and recipe videos

  •  100 % Hassle Free Guarantee

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    FREE Shipping For All USA Orders!

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    32 oz. Infuser Water Bottle & Reusable Gel Freezer Ball

    Fruit Infused Water offer a completely natural process giving you the ability to flavor your water any way you want! Create an endless amount of recipes that treat your taste buds and refuel your body. The natural sugars that occur in your fruit are almost non-existent in the water making it even extremely low calorie and TASTY!

    Our 32 oz infuser water bottles are made from durable Eastman Tritan which is completely shatterproof! Incorporating a unique reusable Gel Ball to the infuser rod allows for your water to stay cold for hours longer! Simply throw the ball in the Freezer for a few hours to freeze the Gel solid. Clip it back onto the infuser rod & your set! Enjoy delicious and refreshing water on the go for hours knowing the innovative ball is on the job.

    Dishwasher safe, eco friendly and BPA Free so make sure to add your favorite colors to the cart above!

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    32 oz. Infuser Water Bottle & Reusable Gel Freezer Ball

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